bitoirrentBitTorrent announced yesterday that they managed to achieve a rather impressive milestone where its file synchronization tool known as Sync is concerned, where users were said to have synchronized more than 1PB (petabyte) of data. It is said that more than 70TB (terabytes) are synchronized using this particular tool each day. The Sync software was announced in January earlier this year, where it was released as a private alpha.

The time period between the day of its release and April 23 saw more than 200TB worth of data synchronized, and over the past 13 days, users have managed to sync more than 800TB worth of data. Should a similar rate be adhered to, we are looking at the Sync service pass the magical 10PB mark even before the software is capable of arriving at a stable release, now how about that? A little bit of background information – Sync will make use of peer-to-peer technology in order to synchronize personal files across multiple computers and devices, and it will run on the BitTorrent protocol – eliminating third-party servers whenever file synchronization is done.

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