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Ford SYNC 3 Helps Folks To Remain Connection Even In A Car
Ford’s most recent communications and entertainment system, known as the SYNC 3, will now boast of faster performance, additional conversational voice recognition, not to mention a more intuitive smartphone-like touch screen as well as easier-to-understand graphical interface so that Ford customers will be able to connect and control their smartphone while they are behind the wheel to a particular destination.

Samsung HomeSync Connects Galaxy Smartphones, Tablets To Your TV
Samsung smartphone and tablet owners who want to share content located on their mobile devices onto their TVs have been able to do so, as long as they own a Samsung TV that supports this feature. For those who don’t own a compatible Samsung television, this feature probably hasn’t seen much use, although a new product Samsung is announcing today will make it easier than ever to sync content located […]

BitTorrent’s Sync Users Share More Than 1PB Data Under A Fortnight
BitTorrent announced yesterday that they managed to achieve a rather impressive milestone where its file synchronization tool known as Sync is concerned, where users were said to have synchronized more than 1PB (petabyte) of data. It is said that more than 70TB (terabytes) are synchronized using this particular tool each day. The Sync software was announced in January earlier this year, where it was released as a private alpha.The time […]

Boogie Board Sync 9.7 LCD eWriter
[CES 2013] Here is yet another LCD eWriter that you might want to take a closer look at if you are currently on the lookout for a device that allows you to cut down on the use of paper, and yet is durable enough to withstand the rigors of everyday use, even at the hands of your children! This is where the shatter-proof plastic used to make the Reflex LCD […]


Ford SYNC Improved, Gets Smarter Voice Recognition
Ford has just announced that they will be updating SYNC, which is their Microsoft-powered in-car entertainment and connectivity platform that comes alongside with the MyFord Touch interface, and these will debut in the 2014 Ford Fiesta. The updated SYNC in the 2014 Ford Fiesta is said to boast of a spanking new 6.5-inch LCD touchscreen display, but apart from that aesthetics, the system will also feature a smarter voice recognition […]

Ford upgrades MyFord Touch
Ford has begun sending USB-keys to 300,000 current Ford owners who drive cars powered by Sync and MyFord Touch. According to Ford, the update improves the user interface and makes it more readable. It also improves the system responsiveness, which is a critical metric for any touch-enabled system. It is arguably even more important in a vehicle because the longer the user has to wait for a response, and the […]

Trend Micro SafeSync Updated
Trend Micro has just introduced a new version of SafeSync, a service that lets users sync and share files from their PC to their mobile devices, or with other people. This new version of SafeSync includes a new user interface (UI) which includes a drag and drop interface to instantly sync files with other devices (think “DropBox”). This new version also brings better Mac OS support, along with Android, iOS […]

HTC delivers iTunes synchronization with Android handset
The late Steve Jobs might think that Google ripped off Apple’s iOS, but bear in mind that development on the Android platform started way before the iPhone was even mooted, or so goes the popular belief. Well, HTC intends to make their smartphones all the more user friendly – yes, those Android-powered models, by offering up iTunes synchronization capabilities. Basically, if you happen to be in possession of the HTC […]

Griffin MultiDock lets you charge and sync multiple iOS devices simultaneously
Need to fill up a whole bunch of iOS devices with the same apps and files, but don’t have the time or patience to do it individually? Well, Griffin Technology has got the solution just for you. Called the MultiDock, it’s the first of its kind dock that lets you charge and sync up to 10 iOS devices at the same time. Designed for educators, healthcare professionals, sales executives, and […]

Deep Shot uses your phone’s camera to sync it with your computer
Syncing your mobile device with your computer by clicking some buttons on an app is so yesterday – at least according to Tsung-Hsiang Chang, a graduate student at MIT’s Computer Science and Artficial Intelligence Laboratory; and Yang Li, a Google employee. The two of them managed to develop a system that allows users to sync their devices just by using the phone’s camera.

DoubleTwist lets Android devices stream to Apple TV
If you’ve always wondered what the big fuss about AirPlay was but you didn’t want to buy an iPhone or an iPad because you’ve already got an Android device that works perfectly, you’re in luck. The folks over at DoubleTwist have released a new version of its app that brings AirPlay support over to Android devices.In case you’re clueless about what DoubleTwist is, it is a program that describes itself […]

2012 Ford Focus: mobile hotspot on wheels
Families who can’t live without the internet, especially on long road trips will be glad to know that if they buy a 2012 Ford Focus with Ford SYNC, long road trips don’t necessarily mean no more internet. The car will have the ability to turn into a mobile hotspot. All users have to do is plug a phone with a data connection into the car and enable the hotspot feature. […]

Spotify launches new music download store
If dominating the music streaming business in UK isn’t enough, it looks like Spotify has its eyes set on the music download market as well. No longer is Spotify going to be a companion to iTunes – it’s going to be a competitor. Today, Spotify is launching a new music downloads store which puts the company head to head against Apple’s own iTunes music download store. Seeing how Apple is […]

Microsoft Office for Mac SP1 arriving next week
Folks who use Microsoft Office on their Macs will be pleased to know that its first service pack will be available starting next week. In an announcement today, Microsoft mentioned the features that SP1 will bring to their productivity suite: increased stability, security, improved Outlook syncing support and some performance enhancements. And in this case, the improved syncing support is what a lot of users are looking forward to: SP1 […]