blackberry-z10-settingsWhile hardware and operating system certainly help consumers decide which phone or platform to go with, apps also play a big role. After all if the apps that a user wants to use is not available on a certain platform, why would they want to choose that platform, right? Also while quantity does not determine quality, it certainly adds variety and the good news for would-be Blackberry adopters and current Blackberry users, it seems that Blackberry World now plays host to about 120,000 apps! Granted this is way behind iOS and Android’s app count which is well over the half a million mark, it is pretty impressive considering that Blackberry 10 and its accompanying devices were launched earlier this year.

We guess Blackberry managed to hit those numbers largely due to their efforts at trying to get developers on board, and paying them monetary rewards if their apps were approved for submission to Blackberry World. Blackberry’s CEO, Thorsten Heins, was naturally pretty pleased at their progress and praised the “thriving ecosystem”, and even highlighted how synthesizer app, Moog, decided to go with Blackberry as their second platform of choice after iOS.

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