diablo-3-co-op-update-108Gamers if you’ve completed Diablo 3 a few times over and you’re bored of the endless farming, here’s a reason you might want to get back into the game. Blizzard has announced as part of Diablo 3’s first year anniversary, they will be offering a 25% experience boost to all gamers who play the game between the 15th of May to the 21st of May. This 25% XP boost will apply to all characters and will actually stack on top of other bonuses they might receive from shrines, gems or equipment. The 25% bonus will also apply to the Magic Find function, and will even stack above the game’s 300% cap meaning that if you have hit the cap, you will now have an added 25% chance on top of that to farm for items. For those who are less about farming, we guess this is a good excuse for you to get back into the game and level up a class that you haven’t really spent much time on. So, anyone planning on firing up Diablo 3 just for the XP and MF bonus?


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