budget-iphone-conceptWe have been hearing rumors for quite a while now that Apple could be working on a budget iPhone. Whether that is true or not remains to be seen, but at the same time some are saying that this makes sense as it will help Apple appeal to consumers on a budget, but just how big of an appeal is it? Well according to analysts Gokul Hariharan and Mark Moskowitz over at J.P. Morgan, they seem to believe that if Apple were to release an iPhone that costs around $350-$400, there is a good chance that they will be able to steal a relatively large chunk of the market share from Samsung who is currently dominating the $200-$500 market at 35%.

Considering the appeal that iPhones have, we guess it would be possible for Apple to steal some market share especially if their phones were made cheaper and more affordable, but to destroy Samsung’s market share? That’s a question we’re not sure if we can answer, but what do you guys think? Would a more affordable iPhone help Apple gain a huger market share, possibly even diminishing Samsung’s as a result?

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