We’ve seen some interesting iPhone 5 accessories come out of Japan, such as the Kissing Cases, but this smartphone stand seems a little bit on the weird side, even for us.


As you can see by the image and the title, this is the Cat Scratching Post Phone Stand, and its purpose is to not only hold your mobile device up, but to also give you your regular dose of cuteness by having a small, plastic feline act like it’s using your device as a scratching post. The stand comes in a variety of cats ranging from solid colors, somewhat spotted and striped.

The way the Cat Scratching Post is able to hold up your smartphone is through a suction located on its front. The phone stand can be purchased at Muzu but they come in a pack of 50. So you’ll either need 50 smartphones to use them all, or have 49 other cat-loving friends who you can dump the rest these stands on. Or, you can be a complete baller and buy the 50 pack, pick the stand you like, and throw the rest away.

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