drone-aircraft-carrierThe US is the de facto world superpower for some time now, and this is because of their military and technological strength that they hold over other countries. It seems that the latest improvement in modern day warfare could be drones that can take off as well as land on an aircraft carrier, which would mean the US military could eventually do away with bases in other countries as these drones will be able to be sent out on missions from the aircraft carrier itself – virtually opening up the possibility of these unmanned aircraft jumping into battle regardless of where they are around the world.

Last week, we read about how the X-47B drone managed to perform a successful landing in a simulation, and the ability to take off successfully, too, would mean the US military no longer needs to ask for permission from other countries in order to use their bases as mentioned earlier. The X-47B is also combat capable, toting weapons while delivering round-the-clock intelligence, surveillance and targeting. At point of publishing, the X-47B is not meant for operational use, but it could be the template for navy officials to work on other carrier-based drones down the road, with operational capability of such drones expected to happen by 2020.

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