facebook_logoSo far, there has been concerns raised surrounding videos that were spread using Facebook as the vehicle of choice, where people were being decapitated in said video. This has moved a member of Facebook’s own safety advisory board to inform the masses that they will raise this particular issue with the social network. Having done that, Facebook has turned down the possibility of entertaining any request that will ban such clips, touting that people had a right to depict the actual world as it is.

The US’s Family Online Safety Institute, however, begged to differ, having informed the BBC that the graphic nature of the violence involved would mean that such material had “crossed a line”. Stephen Balkam, the chief executive of the US’s Family Online Safety Institute, said, “Personally and professionally I feel that Facebook has got this call wrong. “ Not only that, charities in the UK have also asked Facebook to reconsider its stance, touting that such material could eventually result in long-term psychological damage since you had no idea who would be watching the one-minute long video that depicted a woman being beheaded by a masked man.

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