focus-headsetMessing with one’s mind used to be the domain of manipulative personalities and shrinks, but now it seems that even regular hardware that has been tuned to a certain manner is able to do so. The is a unique kind of headset that indulges in transcranial direct-current simulation (tDCS), which so happens to be a controversial kind of neurosimulation which will transmit current to a particular section of the brain. It was originally concocted to assist patients with brain injuries, and interestingly enough, tDCS has supposedly been discovered to increase cognitive performance in healthy adults. While such seemingly outlandish claims have yet to be proven, one must also take note that delivering shocks to your brain is also not approved by the FDA.

Inventor of the, Michael Oxley, claims that a handful of tDCS headsets were specially designed for the consumer market and could eventually help bring about improvement to your working or short-term memory whenever electrodes are placed on your prefrontal cortex. Once a low-intensity current is passed through the various nodes to excite different parts of the brain, it might result in boosting your video gaming prowess. Could this be an illegal method for pro-gamers to gain a competitive edge over their rivals? Who knows, right?

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