We have been hearing rumors for quite some time now that Google and Motorola are developing a high end smartphone in partnership, one that would bring some innovative new technologies to the forefront. A Chinese analyst, Sun Chang Xu, is now claiming that Google has lost all interest in the X Phone project because it doesn’t think its that innovative. So apparently Google has pulled out of the project, leaving it to Motorola, which will be singlehandedly working on the alleged device now.

Just to be clear, this doesn’t mean that the X Phone project has been cancelled. Google simply isn’t behind it anymore. Apparently the company couldn’t reach the level of innovation that it wanted. In recent weeks we’ve seen top Google brass verbally support Motorola’s upcoming smartphone, Eric Schmidt called them phenomenal and Larry Page hinted that they might be unbreakable. It was also rumored a number of times that the X Phone will be announced at Google I/O 2013, but that was later contradicted by another rumor claiming that the device will actually come out later this year. Perhaps the reason why its not being released at I/O 2013 is because Google has pulled its support? We can only speculate while we wait for official announcement of the device.

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