We have seen many times users gripe about certain aspects of their phone. Whether it be the camera’s megapixels aren’t enough, or the display is too small, or there’s not enough store, there will always be complaints. The downside to phones is that unlike computers, we can’t really customize them, at least not in terms of hardware…or can we? According to the folks at Android And Me, they claim to have gotten an exclusive tip from one of their sources regarding the rumored Motorola X Phone, and one of those tips involve customized hardware.

Yup according to their source, one of the key features of the X Phone is that it will be customizable, at least to a certain degree. For example users will be able to customize features such as RAM, storage space and the color of the device, and it seems that Motorola will be able to guarantee delivery in a week. Their source has also revealed that the X Phone will not be a single device, but rather a lineup of phones that will supposedly compete with Samsung’s Galaxy series of Android smartphones. It has also been revealed that the X Phone could be seeing an announcement at Google I/O 2013. It sounds very interesting although we would have to take this with a grain of salt for now, but what do you guys think?

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  • 1280x720
  • 312 PPI
10 MP
  • f/ Aperture
2200 mAh
    2GB RAM
    • Snapdragon S4 Pro
    • None
    ~$310 - Amazon
    130 g
    Launched in
    Storage (GB)
    • 64

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