Google Search has advanced significantly over the years. What was once just a portal for looking up results related to query, which it still is, Google Search is now able to display a lot of information related to a query that eliminates the need to click through to a search result. The company announced today that it is adding nutritional information of over 1,000 food items in to Google Search. This information will be displayed in both desktop and mobile search.

This new addition is related to the work Google has been doing on the Knowledge Graph, which basically pulls in different kinds of information from across the internet that’s not easily accessible. Simply querying Google for “how many calories are in popcorn” will bring up the answer on top of search results. Same goes for querying about carbs or nutrients in a wide variety of food items. The feature has initially been launched in English only and will be rolled out across the U.S. in the following ten days. Google says that more languages, foods and features will be added in the future.

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