As expected, Google announced a new piece of hardware known as the Nexus Q. This is the result of Project Tungsten that was introduced more than a year ago, where it will bring together the power of Android and Google Play. The Nexus Q is a definite looker, and is the first piece of hardware from Google alone with Android running within. It is tipped to be the “third wave” of consumer electroncs, and Google has positioned it to be “all about the cloud”, giving you a general direction of where the Nexus Q is heading.

You can hook up the Nexus Q to your speakers and TVs around your home, and since it remains connected to the cloud at all times (with a decent Internet connection, of course), the Nexus Q is capable of pulling content directly from Google Play – with your smartphone or tablet device controlling the cloud instead. Underneath the hood, you will find a similar processor that keeps the Galaxy Nexus running, and with 25 watts of power (no idea if this is RMS or not), it ought to provide enough aural punch for any decent sized room. Connectivity options include micro HDMI, digital audio output, dual-band Wi-Fi, NFC, microUSB, and Bluetooth – ensuring you do not miss out on a single bit.

Basically, anyone with a compatible Android-powered device can hook up to the Nexus Q wirelessly, and tune in to whatever content they like. The Nexus Q might be a sore point for those vying for control of the living room TV though, as everyone wants to show the rest of the crowd their favorite YouTube video or movie scene…

Expect the Google Nexus Q to ship from mid-July onwards for $299 each if you are interested.

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