oggl-650x0Good news Windows Phone users, while an official Instagram has yet to be launched on the platform and you’re still yearning for an app that allows for photos to be taken, have retro-looking filters applied to them and uploaded on a social website, perhaps Hipstamatic’s Oggl might just do the trick! We reported on Oggl last week and for those who missed it, Oggl is essentially Hipstamatic’s take on Instagram where photos can be taken and shared on their social network.

The app will be launched for Windows Phone 8, although according to Hipstamatic’s blog, it seems that the app could be a Nokia exclusive, at least for now. The app is pegged for a release in June which is when the recently announced Nokia Lumia 925 is expected to be made available. This would basically make Oggl available for both iOS and Windows Phone, leaving us to wonder when we might be able to see an Android version. So Windows Phone users, are you excited about the Lumia 925 and Oggl?

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