hk-electric-taxiHave you paid a visit to Hong Kong in recent years? Sure, this financial hub of Asia has plenty of skyscrapers to go around, being a densely populated metropolitan area with a reputation of being a gastronomic delight, too, but the city has fallen victim to the unwanted dangers of smog. Having said that, would a fleet of electric taxis actually help alleviate the situation? The answer would be a solid “No!”, but perhaps with electric taxis gaining prominence amongst the people of Hong Kong, those who can afford a vehicle might opt for an all electric ride, and should there be a critical mass of like minded people appear, it could prove to be an important tipping point.


Right now, Hong Kong’s fleet of electric taxis comprise of 45 of the BYD e6 models, where it is capable of having a 300 mile range on a single charge, and should it run low on juice, there are nine area stations to help these taxis recuperate while the driver himself can take a break, too. [Press Release]

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