We reviewed the first Huawei Honor smartphone back in 2011, we found it to be a good smartphone with a very nice and responsive UI. In October 2012, Huawei Honor 2 was launched, it touted a 1.4GHz quadcore processor with a 4.5 inch 1280 x 720 display that had a staggering 326 pixels per square inch, which in simple terms is more than the famed Retina Display. Now rumor has it that Huawei Honor 3 is currently in the pipeline, the Chinese manufacturer is expected to announce it in June.

There haven’t been many Huawei Honor 3 rumors up till now. The detailed specs are not available as yet, but it is being said that this device will have an “unbreakable” body most probably fashioned out of aluminium. It is supposedly immune to the elements as well, water and dust that is. Given how Samsung and LG are pursuing such rigid devices, its definitely a good move on Huawei’s part to offer the same level of robustness. Huawei’s smartphones aren’t exactly a household name stateside, perhaps their upcoming product can change that, provided it is aided by reliable distribution and widespread marketing.

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