83043_201305150819552Kj3RWe have heard how some people have used technology to help locate their missing gadgets, such as phones or tablets or laptops, but this is probably the first time we’ve heard how one kidnap victim actually used technology to help find his way back home. A man from Sichuan, China, has been reported to have reunited with his family after 23 years after he had been kidnapped on the way to kindergarten before being brought to a city southeast of the Fujian province almost 1,000 miles away. So how did he manage to find his way back home?


Well what he did was he discovered a website that helped reunite missing children with their families, and posted a rough map of where he grew up in. After being spotted by a volunteer, it was discovered that a family in Guangan City had lost their son 23 years ago, and using Google Maps, the victim managed to retrace his steps back to his neighborhood which he recognized based on his only memory of the place and its two distinct bridges. Sounds like a pretty epic quest, not to mention how it makes finding a restaurant on Google Maps feel so insignificant now.

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