lockheed-laserYou know something? The kind of laser beams that shoot out from the USS Enterprise against enemy ships seem to make a whole lot more sense compared to those old school lasers fired in the other sci-fi franchise that carries lightsabers and midi-chlorians, as the lasers in the former seem to work a lot faster and more accurate, as there is very little need to “lead” the target – rather, it is more of a “point and shoot” situation. Well, Lockheed might be on to something here with the recent announcement of their transportable, ground-based Area Defense Anti-Munitions (ADAM) system that has been touted to bring down small rockets, drones and boats from a distance.

In fact, an increasingly complex series of tests which were conducted in March and April this year saw the ADAM system destroy small-caliber rockets from a distance of two kilometers away, now how about that? ADAM also proved successful in turning an unmanned aerial systems (UAS) into ash at a range of 1.5 kilometers. The ADAM system will use a 10-kilowatt fiber laser as its primary weapon of choice, and carry a virtually unlimited ‘magazine’ which makes it an extremely deadly threat from close range.

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