medboxWe did talk about Medbox during summer last year, where we mentioned that this is a marijuana vending machine which could potentially result in plenty of controversies where its existence is concerned. Well, nearly a year down the road, and what do we have? Bruce Bedrick, the CEO of Medbox, said, “We are in the right place at the right time. We are planning to literally dominate the industry.”

Medbox’s core product would look like a Redbox DVD dispenser, although it would come in a shade of black, is refrigerated, and of course, armored. Bedrick prefers to avoid the term vending machine, simply because it does not allow you to saunter up to a Medbox, pop in an amount of currency, and walk away with a bunch of weed and that smile on your face. No sir, there will be biometric technology which will help identify the fingerprints of patients that carry state-issued medical marijuana cards. There will be a database that keeps track of everything, ensuring patients are unable to purchase more than their legal allotment, and clerks themselves are unable to pilfer the merch, with states winning out on tax collection to boot.Each of these machines from Medbox would cost $50,000, where these machines were meant to allay fears that pot means “druggies standing on street corners and grabbing little kids and stuffing drugs down their throats,” at least according to Bedrick’s definition. Do you agree?

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