Grass, weed, Mary Jane – they are all different names for the same thing, which is marijuana. While we have seen our fair share of rather weird vending machines in recent memory, this might be one of the more controversial ones yet. Never mind if you have to tackle a machine to get a free can of beer, or to tweet the right message over Twitter, this marijuana vending machine that is on display in a Pratt Street storefront is sure to divide opinions among the general populace. The developer of this vending machine was in town, with the intention to spark state rules that enable an automated distribution system for marijuana’s role in the medical arena.

According to Bruce Bedrick, CEO of Kind Clinics, a consulting firm for marijuana dispensaries, and Medbox Inc., “The technology was created in order to have a safe, efficient and regulated way to dispense the drug.” The consulting firm that he heads is the one behind this unique machine, but top criminal justice advisor Mike Lawlor has already said that, “No way in a million years would this be permitted under the law.”

Definitely a curiosity that deserves your attention, don’t you think so?

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