msi-gk601When someone mentions the name MSI, most of us would think of a motherboard, or perhaps one of those All-In-One machines that have become so popular these days. Well, MSI has dabbled in video game peripherals in the past, and this time around, they intend to make sure that gamers who want nothing but the very best have naught to complain about with the MSI GK-601 mechanical gaming keyboard. Built on the popular Cherry MX Red linear switches, the MSI GK-601 is touted to deliver superb feedback and sensitive key responsiveness, where individual keys on the MSI GK-601 were created with precision laser etching to deliver that extra bit of resistance to wear.

Not only that, MSI has also sought to make use of 18K gold plating in order to increase the stability while N-key rollover ensures that every single key-press is registered without any exceptions. There are even relatively rare yellow LED backlights to help you game in the dark, and should continue working even after 50 million key presses (per key!). You can also disable the Windows button that could end up frustrating your gaming session during one of the more frenzied moments. Other features include 128KB of memory, the ability to stash up to 50 different macros, high speed USB ports, and audio and microphone jacks.

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