The other day we reported that an artist had picked up pieces of DNA retrieved from public places and used them to print 3D portraits, which we have to say is pretty creepy. Now it looks like Pioneer is hoping to do the same thing, except that instead of picking up random pieces of DNA, they will instead offer to print a 3D holographic image of an unborn baby’s expression using the company’s full-color hologram printer developed by the company last year.

Pioneer plans to market this service as a means to commemorate births, but at the same time it does look a little creepy and we’re not sure what was wrong with the age old tradition of a regular ultrasound photo. The film used to capture these holographic images is a high-performance film designed specifically for holograms in mind called Bayfol HX. The result is a hologram which is visible within a 23 degree angle, and will be 200 components high, and 300 wide. If you’d like to see it in action, check it out in the video above.

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