raspberry-pi-cameraThe Raspberry Pi is definitely a hobbyist’s wet dream come true, as it offers decent computing power without breaking the bank. In fact, someone recently came up with the novel ideal of introducing a water-cooled solution for a Raspberry Pi set up, and here we are with another module from the Pi Foundation that is sure to whet your appetite for whatever future Raspberry Pi specifications upgrade that might come your way. I am referring to the official camera attachment which will definitely allow your Raspberry Pi Model B to have a new lease of life, letting its 512MB RAM and a 700MHz processor get to work by snapping photos.

The new camera board will slip into a thin connector which is located between the HDMI and Ethernet ports, and do be careful as the installation process is said to be rather delicate, so you might not want to go ahead with it in a gung-ho manner, but control your breathing so as not to break your spanking new toy. Of course, should things turn south, it should not be too much of a big deal as the camera board costs the same as a Model A Raspberry Pi at $25 a pop, and you do get a 5-megapixel shooter that does 1080p video recording, too.

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