foldable-botMoms around the world might not give two hoots about the possibility of a self-folding robot being created (can you say that this is the future of a possible Transformers-like sentient being?), as they would much rather have the next best thing – a blanket or comforter that can fold itself, as kids these days seem to have lost this art of home discipline. Having said that, check out this new palm-sized robotic inchworm which was created by a team at the Wyss Institute at Harvard University, where it can fold itself together.

The robot will come across as a printed form factor, so obviously it started off as a flat sheet. Courtesy of different hinges as well as shape memory polymers, this robot will eventually figure out a way to fold itself and come out not worse for the wear to boot. Too bad it has yet to reach the stage where it can assemble just about wherever it wants, as the hinges will need to be heated up beforehand prior to folding itself. We look forward to read more about the kind of practical applications that a self folding robot is capable of.

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