dev-s4Developers if you’re after a phone with an officially unlocked bootloader, it looks like Samsung might have your back. Samsung will apparently be releasing a Galaxy S4 Developer Edition soon thanks to a sighting of the device on Samsung’s website. The device will apparently play nice with both AT&T and Verizon’s network, and just to make it clear, there will not be any difference in hardware from the original Galaxy S4 and its developer edition. It is also different from the Google Edition version of the phone.

For those unfamiliar with developer edition devices, these are devices which basically has its bootloader unlocked, giving developers and modders access to more of the function’s functions that regular users will probably not have much interest in. No word on how much the developer edition of the Galaxy S4 will cost, but since developer edition phones tend to be offered off-contract, you can expect the price to be similar to the Galaxy S4 at retail.

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