skydrive-250mMicrosoft’s SkyDrive, their very own cloud solution, has achieved yet another milestone – that is, SkyDrive has managed to garner over 250 million users that call it home. Here is a little bit of background for contrast – since October 2012 when the Windows 8 operating system was launched, 50 million more people have begun to make use of SkyDrive, and less than a year later, the figure has jumped five-fold, where ordinary folks are more than happy to use SkyDrive as the new digital “home” to save their files.

In fact, the past few months saw Microsoft assign SkyDrive as the default save location for the new Office, in addition to updating the SkyDrive app for iOS, while making substantial performance improvements when it comes to uploading files to SkyDrive. Not only that, the number of Microsoft accounts have recently swelled to 700 million, which means Microsoft has also stepped up their efforts by improving the security of their service with various items including two-step verification, not to mention implementing Extended Validation Certificates on Are you a fan of SkyDrive? [Press Release]

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