Microsoft originally called its cloud storage service SkyDrive, but the name got it involved in a legal dispute last year. The company settled, agreeing to rebrand the service. Recently it confirmed that SkyDrive will be renamed as OneDrive, and that the updated service will be launched “soon.” Microsoft hasn’t provided a concrete launch date as yet, though rumor has it that its going to entice users with free cloud storage after launch in a bid to get more users on its service.

The way it will go about this seems similar to Dropbox, which offers users free extra storage for referring the service to friends. LiveSide has heard that OneDrive will offer users up to 8GB of free storage, with users being able to earn up to 5GB through referrals. Users will apparently be allowed a maximum to 10 referrals at 500MB, which equals to 5GB. Moreover, not only does the person who refers gets 500MB per person, the person who joins because of that referral also gets an additional 500MB of OneDrive cloud storage. Microsoft is said to have a “bonus offer” up its sleeve for users who take advantage of the camera roll on iOS, Windows Phone and Android to back their photos up to the cloud, apparently any accounts using said feature will receive 3GB of additional storage. As previously mentioned, the company is yet to reveal when OneDrive launch is going to take place, and it hasn’t commented on this rumor, so we’ll have to wait and see how this pans out.

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