sony-xperia-logo Sony does seem to have gotten their mojo back, especially with the Sony Mobile division, as their recent releases have proven to be rather inspiring and above average – as with the Sony Xperia Z, a water-resistant smartphone back in March. Well, Sony Mobile is not interested in just smartphones alone, as they do seem to have plans of introducing a phablet device, too, where it has been slapped with the codename “Togari”. The rumored Togari L4 phablet has been touted to come with a rather interesting screen size which measures 6.44″ across diagonally, although it will not be lacking in quality at all thanks to its 1080p resolution.

Well, the Togari is also said to carry model number L4, where fresh rumors surrounding it has arrived, this time around touting that the Togari L4 will feature stylus pen support, which would certainly place it in the direct line of fire as with Samsung’s range of Galaxy Note devices. Not only that, suggested that the Togari L4’s display should play nice with any pen or pencil, although we do think that to have such display technology in the pipeline is somewhat akin to having a genie appear after you rub a lamp.

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