Tablets sizes

The International Data Corporation has mentioned in a new report the possibility that tablets just might overtake portable PC sales towards the end of 2013. This observation is based on the quarterly data that the IDC collects. This report also cites the possibility of tablets surpassing all PC sales in the market by 2015.  What was initially dominated by Apple and its iPad, the tablet market now has strong contenders from the likes of Samsung.

There’s a difference though. Demand for powerful desktop PCs will not completely eliminate, they are still required to do tasks well beyond the scope of tablets. Its the portable PC market that is apparently bearing the onslaught by tablets. Tablets are preferred more for the portability they offer, and they can now very well accomplish a number of tasks that one might need a portable PC for. The IDC also notes an interesting market trend that shows increased consumer interest in small form factor tablets. The Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 have presented themselves as affordable as well as powerful little tablets, and now there are a plethora of manufacturers making tablets for that niche. This definitely spells trouble for PC manufacturers.

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