There are plenty of ways we can interact with friends and family through our mobile devices, such as messaging, calling, sending funny photos and videos, digital gifts and so on, but what about through scents? While that might sound a bit strange, there’s a phone accessory called the Scentee which is an accessory for the iPhone that allows users to send scents to each other to cheer someone up, for example. The scent can also be used as a new type of notification, just in case you missed the audio notification, the scent of a flower might clue you in to the fact that you have a notification waiting to be addressed.

Its creators plan to have many scents available in which refills can be bought, and they have also released an SDK to allow developers to make use of the accessory. An example would be the ability to release a gunpowder scent to help make the user feel like their game is more immersive. At the moment the Scentee is a prototype and is currently compatible with iPhones up to the iPhone 4S, with possible support for Android planned for a later stage. Sounds pretty cool, huh? Check the demonstration out in the video above.

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