It has only been a couple of weeks since BlackBerry Live 2013 conference took place. The company announced there that it was releasing the much awaited BlackBerry 10.1 OS update, apart from announcing a new mid-range smartphone. While most users might still be in the process of updating their devices, some details about the next major update of BB10 OS have already been shared by BlackBerry Product Manager Michael Clewley.

Michael makes it clear that BlackBerry 10.2 OS update is going to be released later this year, which makes it two major updates in one calendar year. Some of the new changes that he mentions include support for standard unicode Emojis, multiple alarms and level 1 notifications for email. Level 1 notifications are actually special notifications or keywords that can be added for any email address, they’re essentially custom alerts. Michael also confirms that OS 10.2 will also bring the ability for users to set a time to remember an item. There’s no expected release time frame for this upcoming BlackBerry 10 OS update, it is likely that we will hear rumors regarding this over the next couple of months.

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