nokia-lumia-925-preview-03Both iOS and Android are currently vying for the top two spots, but what about the other players in the market such as Blackberry and Windows Phone? Where do they stand? We’re sure that both Blackberry and Microsoft eventually would like to see their operating systems take the number 1 spot in the future, but for now we guess vying for third place is a more short-term goal, and according to market research firm, IDC, their latest quarterly look at the smartphone market has revealed that for the first time, Windows Phone market share has actually managed to overtake Blackberry.

This is based on Q1 2013 figures which according to IDC, Windows Phone has managed to account for 3.2% of the market share, while Blackberry comes in close at 2.9%. This is a pretty huge jump for Windows Phone especially since the last quarter saw Windows Phone taking up 2.9% of the market, versus Blackberry’s 3.2%. Considering that the difference between both platforms is pretty small, it is possible that in the next report, Blackberry could very well overtake Windows Phone and reclaim third place, or we could even see Windows Phone pull further ahead. Either way we’ll probably have to wait and see, but for now it’s good news for Microsoft’s Windows Phone platform.

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