Roughly two years ago YouTube Live was launched in limited beta. The service allowed a select few to broadcast live video through their YouTube channel. In the recent past, this service was made available to certain members of the YouTube Partner Program as well as game developers. Starting today though, any YouTube account that has over 1,000 subscribers will be able to broadcast live video to their viewers regardless of the device they might be using to access YouTube.

Only recently YouTube announced the launch of subscription option for 30 selected channels, viewers can subscribe to these channels which mostly show pre-recorded content for as low as $0.99 or as high as $2.99 per month. It is probably a matter of time before YouTube Live channels come with subscription fees as well. These services that YouTube has been rolling out are taken as an indication of the world’s premier video streaming service taking conventional television head on. To find out whether or not your YouTube account is eligible to broadcast live video, check Account Features and look for an “Enable” button, through which you can sign up for YouTube Live. Channels owners have the option of show multiple camera angles, add closed captions and insert advertisements.

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