toyota-2015-fcvIn 2009, Hyundai revealed a hydrogen fuel cell bus, and I am quite sure that technology in that department has advanced by leaps and bounds since then. In fact, word has it that Toyota is working on a 2015 version of a hydrogen fuel cell sedan that is capable of hitting a 300 mile range on a single full charge. That is extremely impressive to say the least, but since 2015 is not exactly knocking down on everyone’s door at the moment, it remains to be seen whether that intended range can be achieved or not in due time.


There is but scant details concerning the upcoming 2015 hydrogen fuel cell vehicle from Toyota, but hopefully more details will be revealed at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show that will be happening in November. Word has it that Toyota could very introduce the fuel cell sedan to the US in 2014, calling it a 2015 model, with a price point that should not veer too far away from a mid-size BMW or Tesla Model S. We do hope that it will be affordable to the masses at the end of the day, though.

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