age-of-empiresWe’re not sure how many of you guys wanted to play Age of Empires on your mobile device, but if you’ve ever wondered what the experience might be like, it looks like Age of Empires could be headed onto iOS and Android later this year. According to the Nikkei business daily, Microsoft has licensed out the Age of Empires title to mobile developer KLab who will be developing the game for both the iOS and Android platform. This isn’t the first time a Microsoft game has been brought to mobile devices, but if you were hoping for more, such as Xbox Live-based titles which seems to be an exclusive for Windows Phone devices, you might be out of luck. A Microsoft representative has issued a statement claiming that apart from the announcement regarding Age of Empires, there are no further announcements regarding Xbox Live games for iOS and Android at this time. Regardless who else is looking forward to playing this classic RTS game on their mobile phones?

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