screen-shot-2013-05-30-at-4-08-59-pmWith WWDC coming up, we’re sure many iOS users and eagerly looking forward to seeing what Apple has in store for us in their next update, iOS 7. We’ve heard reports that a major redesign of the operating system has been planned, supposedly a “flatter” and more “black and white” look will be presented. While a UI overhaul is long due and exciting, what about features under the hood? Well according to the folks at 9to5 Mac, they have learnt that there is a possibility of AirDrop making its way onto iOS 7 as well.

They have reported that Apple is apparently testing the feature internally and for those unfamiliar, AirDrop is basically a feature found on OS X that allows Mac computers to transfer files to one another wirelessly, even if they’re not on the same WiFi network. We can imagine this will be particularly useful for iOS users who might want to share files quickly with one another without having to resort to sending it via emails or messages. Their sources have even suggested that it might also be possible to AirDrop between an iOS device and a Mac computer as well.

However it should be noted that earlier reports have suggested that this was a feature that Apple had originally planned for iOS 6 but was delayed for unknown reasons, so there is a possibility that it might not even make it to iOS 7, but we’ll keep our fingers crossed. Take it with a grain of salt for now, but iOS users, what do you guys think?

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