Apple’s much awaited music streaming service was unveiled at WWDC 2013 earlier this month. Originally dubbed “iRadio,” the service is similar to Pandora in many ways. A new Apple patent has surfaced, which was filed in December 2011, which hints at advanced iTunes Radio features that will enhance user experience. Called Playlist Configuration and Preview, the patent lists different methods through which users can manage and customize their iTunes Radio playlists.

If a user dislikes a song on the service, they’ll also be able to explain why they didn’t like it. iTunes Radio will offer them a variety of reason to choose from, users can convey their dislike by selecting the relevant option if the track was the wrong genre, too fast or too slow and more. This will certainly be a unique feature, letting users explain why they didn’t like a track, other music services just let users thumbs up or down. iTunes Radio might also allow users to compare their playlists to others and also see the metadata of their playlists, this will make it easier for them to decide if they want any of the selections in their own playlists. Users may be allowed to sneak a glance at what’s coming up next in their playlist, while being able to remove or switch the order of music. Now it remains to be seen when these features are brought over to iTunes Radio.

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