If you’re not currently playing Candy Crush Saga, you’re probably counting down the minutes, hours or days until you can get back to feed your match-3 puzzle addiction. We know many of you consider yourself a fan of the Facebook and mobile game, but are you a big enough fan to eat at “Restoran Candy Crush?”


We’ve seen a number of Asian countries rip off popular brands, such as the Facebook Fashion store in Myanmar, and we’re sure this isn’t the first time a popular game has been used to help entice customers into entering someone’s establishment. Considering just how hugely popular Candy Crush Saga is in not only the U.S., but around the world, we’re actually surprised a restaurant named after the game didn’t surface earlier.

Unfortunately for those who plan to make the trip to Malaysia to check out the Restoran Candy Crush, it doesn’t look to be the best place to grab a meal, especially when they have “express economy bak out teh.” If we were you, we’d want to get the “high class bak kut teh.” It could be worse, though – there could be a restaurant themed after Pet Rescue Saga which we’re sure you wouldn’t want to eat in.

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