If you’ve ever played Namco’s Katamari Damacy, we’re sure you’ve always wanted to have a Katamari ball of your own so you could roll over anything and everything in your town, country and the world. An actual Katamari ball would probably cause irreversible damage, but playing Katamari Damacy with a controller built out of a yoga ball is probably the next best thing.

The custom Katamari Damacy controller was built as the centerpiece of a larger Katamari Damacy-themed area located within Nuit Blanche, which is a Long-based fringe festival. The controller uses a gutted DualShock 2 controller, an Arduino micro controller, wood, and of course, a yoga ball. Those in attendance of Nuit Blance were able to play a copy of Katamari Damacy with the custom controller through a projection displayed on the side of a building.

We’re sure after seeing this custom Katamari Damacy controller, you’re already thinking of ways where you could use a yoga ball to play the game the way it was intended. Or, at least you’re wishing a real Katamari ball would come to you, which we will negate your wish with our own wish that it never, ever happens.

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