It is no secret that the iPhone revolutionized the smartphone industry as we know it today. It was truly a game changing device that was first launched back in 2007. Apple has sold millions of units around the world and anticipation is already very high for its next generation iPhone. Analyst Sarah Rotman Epps of Forrester Research thinks that Google Glass will see the same kind of success, that it is only a matter of time before the entire world is consumed by it. Of course for that to happen Google Glass would first need to be publicly released, and that isn’t happening until 2014.

Sarah believes that the current Explorer edition of Google Glass is more of a “Newton than an iPhone,” this is obviously with regards to the dismal battery life and the low amount of apps that are available for it. According to her research, 21.6 million U.S. online consumers expressed interest in obtaining gadgets like Google Glass from a reputable company. While a great deal of interest has been shown by youngsters and the more tech savvy people, Sarah believes that doctors, workers and farmers may also contribute as a huge user base of early adopters. The company is expected to make quite a few changes before it releases the device to consumers, hopefully the issue of battery life and app ecosystem will be taken care of by then.

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