There’s a select group of people that have been provided with Google Glass units, they’re called Explorers. The public release isn’t expected until 2014, but these Explorers have been playing around with their units and telling the world this wearable piece of technology is capable of. Quite a few explorers spotted that Google had shipped them a 1 pound package through My UPS service without prior notification, it wasn’t a flashy new device or a free product, it was actually a water bottle.

There’s nothing special about this water bottle, its not some futuristic piece of technology. No sir, its just a regular water bottle, the kind you fill up with water and drink from. The bottle does come with a hand-written note from Glass team, and touts the official Glass logo on the side. So even if Explorers are not wearing their units, they’ll be able to tell the world that they’re part of an exclusive group. I don’t believe that these water bottles will have the same policies that Google enforces with Glass units, they can’t be sold to anyone else. Perhaps we might see one or two of these bottles popping up for sale online?

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