glass-teardownI am quite sure that for those of us out there who have yet to discover a Google Glass for ourselves, and we cannot wait to get our hands on one, too. Having said that, there are some folks out there who already have the Google Glass, and two folks in particular, Star Simpson and Scott Torborg, have already decided to tear it down in an extremely detailed manner. In fact, the enterprising duo have already deconstructed the eyewear down to its different components, which of course, would have included the use of considerable force to go through strongly glued plastic.


When the cover to the battery enclosure was removed, it shows off a non-replaceable 2.1 Wh (570mAh) single-cell lithium polymer unit. According to Simpson and Torborg, they definitely do not recommend taking the Google Glass apart, considering how it is already so hard to grab hold of one of them in the first place. I mean, it is not as though everyone has $1,500 to throw around in the first place, right?

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