Ever since Apple unveiled its iOS 7 last week, the mobile world has been talking about the company’s design changes, with a number of competing OS fanboys even going as far as to say they “stole” a number of ideas from (insert mobile OS you love here). We’re sure there are a number of Android users out there who may actually like what Apple is offering with its iOS 7 and would like to have it on their device. Well – a new Android theme has been released to mimic iOS 7.

The jbOS 7 (jelly bean OS 7) Android theme uses a combination of custom icons along with Nova Launcher, which is a home screen replacer available for Android 4.0 and above. You won’t get the exact experience iOS 7 users will when it’s released later this fall, but it does offer a striking resemblance in a number of ways. The designer of the theme goes into some details as to you can expect out of jbOS 7:

This is one homescreen with apps and two special additional screens that act as apps. When you click the calendar it takes you to the calendar screen. Same goes for the weather icon. It also has a very similar style iOS 7 lock screen to complete the whole look.

Those Android 4.0 Jelly Bean users who would like to have a taste on iOS 7 on their device can do so by visiting the source below.

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