japan-airplaneThe Concorde could be said to be one of the more successful failures, as trans-Atlantic travel for those who are on a clock (and have plenty of money to burn literally speaking) was in vogue for some time before it became economically disastrous for whoever runs the Concorde show. Well, the folks in Japan always had this knack of getting a whole lot more bang for your buck – take the Nissan Skyline GT-R for instance, that beast of a vehicle might have a smaller engine capacity than some other American muscle, but it still offers supercar performance when tuned correctly. Well, that aside, the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency is said to be working on a new kind of aircraft which looks as though it was specially designed to pay homage to the first supersonic commercial aircraft in the world.

Not yet named, this aircraft is still a prototype, but it has the ability to achieve supersonic speeds without causing too much sound, quite unlike one of the Concorde’s chief complaints. In fact, this Japanese invention is said to be the 75% quieter than the Concorde, but it does carry a lower number of passengers at just 50 heads.

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