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Woman Opens Emergency Exit On Plane Thinking It Was The Toilet
Opening the emergency exit once the plane’s doors have been armed will result in the safety shute being deployed. That’s precisely what happened on a flight from Manchester last week. A woman opened the emergency exit by mistake, thinking that it was the door to the toilet, and that resulted in a delay of over eight hours for the flight.

EasyJet Will Start Testing Hybrid Planes This Year
Budget airlines are able to offer competitive rates because their main focus is on cutting costs. Limiting baggage allowance and stuffing in as many seats as possible in a plane allow them to operate with thin margins and cater to the crowd that’s okay with the experience associated with budget airlines. One of Europe’s biggest budget airlines is easyJet and it’s going to start testing hybrid plane technology to save […]

FAA Advisory Panel Approves The Use Of Personal Electronics On Planes
Earlier this summer, it was reported the FAA was planning to relax the personal electronics restrictions they had put into place for several years now, making it nearly impossible to listen to a portable music player or reading an ebook during takeoff or landing. It looks like the ball is starting to roll as the FAA advisory committee has just recommended that airline passengers should be allowed to use “smartphones, tablets, […]

OpenAirplane Lets You Rent An Airplane Online With No Hassle
OpenAirplane allows pilots to rent airplanes online with no hassle.


Japan Works On Prototype Supersonic Passenger Airplane
Japan is working on a new prototype of a supersonic passenger airplane.

German Mechanic Builds Motorcycle With Airplane Engine
The roar of a motorcycle is something we’re sure Tim Allen loves to hear on a regular basis, and this motorcycle which features a 150hp Rotec Radial R3600 airplane engine will probably make him grunt uncontrollably, to the point where he may pass out from the sheer power of the motorcycle.The motorcycle was put together by German mechanic Frank Ohle over the course of 18 months, which we would guess took […]

iPhone Reportedly Sends Aircraft Several Miles Off Course Due To Interference
We’ve all heard numerous times when traveling by plane how “important” it is for passengers to turn off their electronic devices, especially cellular phones or anything else that connects to a wireless network as they could interfere with the aircraft’s delicate electronics. It looks as though wireless interference from an iPhone is considered to be the culprit behind a disruption of an aircraft’s compasses, resulting in pilots flying several miles […]

Buy The Air Force One Starting At Only $50,000
If you were walking down the street and a shady-looking person asked you if you were interested in buying the Air Force One, which you should know, is the plane the President of the United States uses, you would think that person is crazy and you’d immediately run away. But it looks like that shady-looking person can now laugh in your face as the actual Air Force One airplane can […]

FAA Dismisses Claims An Android App's Ability To Takeover A Plane
We reported on a story where a hacker claimed to have created an Android application that would be able to completely take over an aircraft. Hugo Teso, who is a security consultant and ex-commercial pilot, says his application would be able to make an aircraft “dance to his tune,” but the FAA has dismissed Teso’s claims today.The FAA responded to Teso’s claims by saying the systems that are certified to be […]

Samoan Airline Begins Charging Passengers By Their Body Weight
People who are considered medically to be obese have always had issues when it came to air travel as nobody wants to sit near you and the airlines tend to treat you terribly just because of your weight. It looks as though things aren’t going to get any easier for those of you who are carrying a bit of extra personal baggage as Somoa Air is introducing a pricing policy […]

Long-ESA now the world's fastest electric airplane
For Chip Yates, it’s all about setting world records. Yates, who also holds the world record for the fastest run on an electric motorcycle at 200 mph, flew the Long-ESA electric airplane at the Inyokern Airport in California’s Mojave Desert this week. Yates was able fly the electric plane at the speed of 202.6 miles per hour, breaking the previous record of 175 mph.The Long-ESA is actually an electric version […]

Paper airplanes make for great letters
Remember how when you were a kid, you folded your fair share of paper planes and sent those across the classroom, much to the annoyance of your teacher? Well, Japan being Japan, has just come up with something really cool (either that or it had already been in circulation for the longest time, only to have the outside world discover it for the first time) – that is, writing your […]

Bored surgeon makes paper plane the size of a penny
When you’re a surgeon working in a hospital, and there’s a downtime where you have no patients to operate on, what do you do? You hone your surgery skills by practicing with surgical robotic hands of course. And that’s just what Dr. James Porter did. Using the Swedish-made da Vinci robot, he managed to fold a tiny piece of paper into an airplane. How tiny, you ask? When completed, the […]

Boeing 747-8 lands its first flight successfully
Over the weekend, Boeing’s latest jumbo jet, the 747-8 took to the skies for its first ever flight. It left Everett, Washington; accompanied by two Lockheed T-33 chase planes and landed at Boeing Field, Seattle after travelling in the skies for 4 hours and 25 minutes. The 747-8 is Boeing’s biggest creation (to date) and it has a wing span of 224 feet and 7 inches. But with a maximum […]