funny-face-passwordSo you are sick and tired of keeping track of your slew of passwords, and resorted to e-mailing those set of passwords for numerous accounts to yourself. Big mistake, as anyone who hacks into your account is definitely going to be able to gain subsequent access after that. Other folks rely on password manager tools, but Google has a radically different idea. So different, that you need not remember a combination of alphanumeric characters with at least one number and an uppercase letter in there, with a minimum of 12 characters. No sir, Google’s future password focus would go one step ahead of facial recognition technology, by requiring you to make a funny face as your Open Sesame moment.

Google recently filed a patent for a next-generation password replacement that suggests we use “at least one of a blink gesture, a wink gesture, an ocular movement, a smile gesture, a frown gesture, a tongue protrusion gesture, an open mouth gesture, an eyebrow movement, a forehead wrinkle gesture, and a nose wrinkle gesture.” No longer can a hacker in a theoretical situation fool a computer with a static image, now how about that? Now the trick is to remember just which funny face did you use in setting up the account in the first place…

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