Last month we featured the Agent smartwatch here, the people who make it call it the World’s Smartest Watch. It can connect via Bluetooth to iPhone 4S or higher, to Windows Phone 8 devices and to devices that run Android 2.3 firmware or higher. Featuring wireless charging, the nifty little smartwatch actually has two processors on board. The SDK for Agent smartwatch has now been released, so developers can get working on creating apps for it.


The watches will actually be shipped in December, but the SDK brings the emulator for Agent smartwatch and that’s enough for developers who want to get to work on it. Apart from notifying users about incoming calls, the watch will also notify them if they leave their smartphone behind somewhere. It actually started as a project on Kickstarter, and has received more than the required pledges needed for production. Its no doubt a tough competitor for Pebble, which also started out as a crowd funded project. Just today Sony announced its Smartwatch 2, lots of great things happening in this niche, Apple is expected to throw its hat in the ring as well some time in the future.

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