A new update of the SnapChat app for iOS was released today. The update brings a host of bug fixes and improvements, it also brings a “SnapKidz” version, which is essentially an offline mode for users under 13 years of age. SnapChat allows users to do a variety of things, including sharing pictures of each other, which are only displayed to the recipient for a few seconds. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how SnapChat can be used for picture sharing that kids under 13 shouldn’t be involved in, so SnapKidz essentially takes away this feature.


Previously SnapChat app could not be installed by anyone under the age of 13. However now they can install this app and the SnapKidz version will be automatically enabled. It allow them to take snaps, caption or draw and then save their creations locally on the device. The version doesn’t support adding friends or sending and receiving pictures. The version is currently exclusive to iOS app for now, the developers say that everything works the way it is supposed to, SnapKidz version will be added to the Android app as well.

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