If you spend much of your time hanging out in a room where people can easily see you, you’ll know privacy can be pretty important, especially if you’re into some weird stuff. Sure – you could buy some blinds, but we know you also enjoy having the sun fill up your home, which you wouldn’t want to lose for the sake of privacy. SONTE is introducing a new technology that can give you the privacy you want without sacrificing light by instantly frosting your windows.

SONTE is a special UV protective film which you can apply to your windows in order to frost them, thus blurring what can be seen. SONTE goes beyond a simple frosting of a window as you can customize just how frosted your windows are with a touch of a button, or by using an app. The way it works is through the use of an electrical current, which when applied to the film, allows for its transparency to change.

SONTE is currently to raise a total of $200,000 over at their Kickstarter page to fund the production of its film. Those interested in being able to customize just how private they want their lives to be through frosted windows should certainly head over and support their Kickstarter project.

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