ps-vita-review--1024Journey is probably one of the more well-known indie titles available for the Sony PlayStation 3, and it looks like Sony’s commitment to indie developers has not faltered as the company has recently launched a new Indie Games channel for its PS Vita owners in which gamers of Sony’s handheld console will be able to browse indie games. As it stands, there are about 53 titles sitting in the new Indie Games channel, such as Hotline Miami, along with existing titles like Thomas Was Alone, and Limbo, although in the upcoming months Vita owners can look forward to addition titles such as Spelunky, Luftrausers, and Hohokum.


Sony seems pretty pleased with itself as the company noted in its blog, claiming that they are “proud to support indie development, and our unrestrictive policies make it easier than ever for developers to launch games on PS Vita.” Sounds like a bunch of marketing hype, but we guess for PS Vita owners looking for an easier way to browse indie games, there you have it!

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